small business training


Marketing is not just something you should do if you "can hire people to do so." We believe every business, regardless of size should be equipped with the marketing basics that can help grow their brand. We are available for online training as well as in-person training for small-to-medium size businesses to help educate your staff or provide written hand-books and materials that will help integrate marketing into the operations of your brand. By training sales associates, servers, or any of your own staff on best practices that help boost your online and offline presence, you create opportunities to further grow your brand without having to ever hire someone dedicated to marketing. The result? A highly integrated business with opportunity to grow.

  • Creating Content Capture Opportunities

  • Employee "Social Media" Interaction and Guidance

  • Optimizing Your Business Look & Feel

  • Generating Online Reviews and WOM Marketing

  • Marketing Basics

  • Incentive & Rewards Program for Business Growth

Packages are scoped by a needs assessment and by the relevant opportunities to your industry and brand.