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Stephanie Stabulis

She's a social media marketing nerd fluent in #hashtags, Millennial culture, and marketing. Stephanie is a self-proclaimed strategic, creative thinker and problem solver. She started freelance marketing opportunities while still in college and has rapidly grown with marketing agencies over her 8+ year career. She is the current Senior Strategy Director with one of the top influencer marketing firms in the industry, building customized influencer programs for well-known clients as well as start-ups. 

She has contributed to various social media blogs included a co-authored article for Social Media Week in 2015. Her work with Pantone and PR Firm Wagstaff International, on behalf of HireInfluence and Visit Carlsbad, where she conducted a study on trending colors in social media travel content, landed her with a mention in Forbes

She is the Founder of Blend Social Marketing, and hopes to use the business to continue to share her knowledge through the development of creative, informative content, and to help brands and other entrepreneurs grow their businesses and services. 

e: stephanie@blendsocialmarketing.com
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Megan Linge

Megan is a health & nutrition nut with a passion for writing, goal-setting and helping brands connect with health-minded consumers! For over ten years she has worked as a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor and has teamed up with companies as an ambassador and influencer in the health and wellness space. Her combination of knowledge and experience helps bring a unique perspective of the consumer-brand experience to Blend Social Media's marketing strategies. Megan leads the execution of various social media marketing programs for our active client base. 


e: megan@blendsocialmarketing.com
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Cassandra “Cassey” Sanchez

Cassey is a social media loving junkie with a heart of gold. As a freelancer Cassey has used her vast social media marketing knowledge to help small businesses in her community learn the basics of managing social media accounts, organically grow their accounts, content creation and follower engagement. Cassey’s creative personality fuels her passion for content creation, whether it’s amateur photography or graphic design she can deliver attention grabbing content. She has successfully connected small businesses with influencers driving up brand awareness as well as product interest.

Cassey hopes to use knowledge of social media platforms to help likeminded entrepreneurs successfully grow their business.

e: cassey@blendsocialmarketing.com
i: @mrs.classy.cass