Brand "Vibe" Story Board

Brand "Vibe" Story Board


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You have the idea, but do you have the story? How should your brand talk about itself? What colors should your brands use? What is your brand’s mission and theming? Having cohesive and consistent messaging along with a solid brand “vibe” can help growing brands:

  • Have tighter communication through content

  • Open up possibilities for content iniativies

  • Bring consistency to the design creative assets like labels, logos, photography, website and social

  • Onboard new team members and vendors to align with the company’s vibe and mission

Great For: Personal Brands, Ideas that do not have brands, Brands looking to level up or put structure around their growing business

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the value of the brand board

The brand board is the central brand story and concept from which every marketing-related decision often stems from. It helps to define concepts like the brand’s purpose, mission, overall direction, tone and vibe. It helps centralize a though and idea and translate it into a brand and/or consumable good.

The brand board should be considered when developing external assets – not limited to marketing assets. It should inform the way you sell, the way you speak about yourself, the look and feel of your physical product, labels, website, social media sites and content in which you produce for your brand.

It may be helpful to use this brand board to onboard future vendors (design, marketing) or partners (sales assistance, etc.) as your business grows. Typically pieces of this core brand board will be integrated into materials that help bring consistency to your brand as you enlist the help of outside sources to help bring your ideas and concepts to life.

brand board contents - basic

  • Brand Challenges + Opportunities

  • Brand Design

    • Theme + Mission

    • Story

    • Name & Logo Considerations

    • Slogan

    • Keywords

    • Communication Style

  • Brand Audience

    • Target Audience

    • Demographic / Interest Information

    • Vertical Influencers

  • Competitive Landscape

    • Product Offering

    • Audience

    • Selling Points

    • Price Points

    • Brand Vibe

    • “Doing This Right”

  • Similar Vibe Brands

    • Similar, Non-competitive brand halo

  • Brand Aspiration + Principles

our process + timing

Upon purchase, you will be sent a mood board questionnaire to assist with gathering some background information from your company, your story, your “reason” and your perspective of your own brand. Our team will then develop your brand completely and deliver via a deck that can be shared with those involved in your brand, including but not limited to, designers, photographers, content developers, website designers, etc. Turn around time is approximately 2-3 weeks and will be quoted upon purchase.