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Your strategy's platform focus is largely based on a crossover between where your audience is and a platform's capabilities.  Which platforms provide you the most capabilities for your business objectives? Are you using each platform its full capabilities? Where do you see crossover between YOUR intended audience and each platform’s capabilities? This free resource shows a side-by-side comparison of the capabilities of each social media platform and where each individual platform excels. 


How well do you know just WHO each social media platform reaches? We thought we knew the big picture too - but some of these stats will surprise you! Download the stat-by-stat CHEAT SHEET of audience demographics by platform and cross-check it again your current marketing. Are you using the right platforms for your target audience?


People often ask us, "what is the first step to setting up great social media program?" Great social media plans personify the brand story while supporting company-wide goals. We use a four-phase approach to immerse ourselves in branding and opportunity prior to creating any client social media plan. This guide will provide an essential step-by-step framework to help you set up your own social media launch plan.



Don't judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. It's an old quote, but I repeat it often. When it comes to measuring the sales-related impact of marketing, it's important to know the true purpose and pathways that marketing tactics take to helping drive sales. It allows accurate measurements and opportunities for improvement. This free resource outlines the relationship between marketing and generating sales and the distinct ways in which digital marketing tactics contribute and therefore should be measured when determining the effectiveness of your marketing in driving consumers to take action.