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8 Business-Related Things to Be Grateful For

It seems my brain was shaken-up a bit by last night’s earthquake, because as I’m writing emails today, I seem to be more intensely focused and grateful than usual. So I decided to share some of the more “grateful” thoughts we should be having throughout our work day. It’s a step in the right direction of becoming one of those “other people” – you know, the ones who love their job more than they love anything else, those people who don’t seem to tire after long days, those people that help advance and hold the company together – those people who are the reason the people who like to complain, still have jobs to complain about.

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"It Ain't About the Money"

I had developed over 30+ strategies for companies. Many lately – haven’t even been answering or responding to emails upon delivery. Despite my best efforts – nothing has changed. I have not allowed this to bring me down (in fact, I keep trying. This is not something I want to give up on.) I let it inspire me to look back through the relationships I forged with potential leads and clients over the past few months and see if I can find a pattern between the things I did succeed with – and the things I did not.

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