“the productivity project”: the blog series

If I wrote a book about my how health, wellness and fitness became such a crucial part of my life, within the first couple of paragraphs, I would tell you the story about the day I was lying in my bed and I decided to make the change. People have these attractive stories about how fed up they were with themselves, and my reason for starting was simply to waste time productively. I know time needed to pass, time was going to pass, and I needed to fill it with things that my future self would thank me for.

The same went for a period of time that I decided to waste compiling some writing that a friend of mine did into an e-book. I needed a project and a time-filler and something to distract me from job hunting after I had lost a few of my major clients. So I read through all of his stuff and compiled his writing into a book to again, waste time productively.

Both had a crazy amount of impact on my life. Working out changed my body and compiling the e-book changed my mindset and the way I viewed my life. These two things that started out as a way for me to simply pass the time.

There are some weeks where getting through my to-do list is the only goal in my week, or some upcoming event like my move would be the only thing I would focus on. But some weeks, just to keep myself from living the same week over and over again, I make sure that I add something to my week to accomplish outside of my to-do list. Sometimes it’s a book, sometimes it will be a week’s worth of workouts or perfect diet, or a blog post topic. Something to waste time productively.

I use the word waste only in the sense that I felt anything outside my typical working hours (in which my time equated directly to money earned) was time that I could or should “waste”. No time is wasted time. Some choices in what to do with that time will lead to better success down the road – others will not.


Last week’s goal was to pick up two new books. For some reason, I found myself drawn to two books on the topic of productivity. I wanted to learn how to make more “waste-able” time in my day. I promised myself that when I moved, I would want to work as hard as I could to grow my business and my profit, but still make sure I had enough time to explore and experience all that California would be offering me.

The first book I actually started was called “The Productivity Project” by Chris Bailey. I started raving about it to friends only a few pages in. Chris Bailey dedicated a year of his life to run “productivity” experiments on himself – trying to find out what tips and tricks and situations can help improve productivity and help people accomplish more. I didn’t want this to be another book where I simply read the book, internalize it and maybe, at some point, I remember some tips. I actually want to take action on each of the tips or exercises laid out in the book – if only to gain a better understanding of myself. My creativity as to what I could turn this into (include this blog series that I decided was the way to go!) was on hyper-drive.

I also figured that instead of waiting until the end and writing a summary of what I learned in some boring way, I would get a little creative and raw and take you through each integration of the principles into my life. Maybe even do some video, who knows.

You can pick up a copy of The Productivity Project on Amazon.com to follow along and also save a shit load more than I did.

Or check out Chris’s website at Alifeofproductivity.com – which will hold you over while you are waiting for your book to ship.

I’ll be jotting down whatever application, tasks or exercises I’ll be accomplishing each week in the little space in my Passion Planner that is dedicated just for that! (Just kidding, I repurposed some boxes with creative editing techniques).


This week I’ll be tackling:

  • Watching Chris’s TED talk (which you can find below!)
  • The Procrastination List (and blogging about it)

[The exercise I’m most excited to tackle is a week of understanding and charting your energy levels at each hour throughout the day to best understand your biological “prime”, but since it suggests eliminating caffeine consumption for the week and the time zone difference I’ll be experiencing after my flight back to California on Tuesday, I thought perhaps it’s better to save that for later.]

Each post in these series will start with Procrastination Project Series so you can follow along!