the day i told my interviewers at VaynerMedia that i didn’t want a job

The guy who rapped to get a job at VaynerMedia is all over the news.  So my own personal experience at VaynerMedia and with Gary Vee has been on my mind a lot lately. And while I didn’t do something uber-cool like RAP (…my friend recently disclosed that I can’t really rap or channel a good Whitney Houston and that I should remove it from my online dating profile) my “old fashioned” interview with VaynerMedia is just as significant of a lesson as the importance of creatively representing yourself and standing out. So read on….

Little known fact about me – I was approached around 2014 by a prominent head hunter in the social media industry. The head hunter contacted me via LinkedIn after viewing my profile and asked to set up a call and then an in-person interview with me and his client in New York City.

This was both an exciting and scary time in my life. I was about 3 years into my job with Percepture and a place where I was truly happy and thriving. But the head hunter made it known that his client was a leader and trendsetter in the industry and I couldn’t refuse exploring an opportunity to progress my career. Besides, given my best friend had just moved to the city – I even had an option that wouldn’t require a crazy commute from Central New Jersey to New York to make a 9am interview. So I took it.

VaynerMedia was unlike anything I had experienced at that point in my life. Young professionals were grouped collaboratively at tables. Everyone was working off of a shiny MacBook. Breakout groups were meeting and drawing on white boards and oversized notepads in conference rooms that were made of clear glass so that you could visibly see inside. Hands were flying through the air – because let’s be real, this is New York/ New Jersey and we speak with our hands. It was noisy. People were collaborating and discussing ideas and making things work and go. And it was clear that I was an interview-ee. My suit didn’t fit into the blue jeans casual culture.

Two employees, likely only slightly older than me, came to fetch me for my interview. They brought me to another cool little clear-walled, but pretty sound-proof room where they explained that the company was experiencing tremendous growth and was conducting interviews to give them the ability to quickly scale up with new employees.

While I don’t remember every question I was asked – I remember two questions specifically. The first they asked, “What do you know about VaynerMedia and our CEO?”