if you don’t work saturdays, do you even have passion for your career?

Monday mornings are one of my favorite days. After two days of sleeping a little later, I’m back to getting up earlier and while I’m still covered in my blanket I grab my phone and start flipping through Instagram. It’s exciting and motivating to see a community of people online gearing up to make the most of their Monday, of their week even! Each week, each day is a new opportunity to “make stuff happen” where “anything could happen”. Each week of giving my all progresses me and progresses my career. That energy of knowing I’m about to give everything I have to make it a good Monday helps me at least make the walk from bed to coffee machine (or pre-workout canister).

Fridays would be my second favorite day. It’s a day of work and a night of rest. It’s the day I look back at each week and everything that I accomplished and take a breather that I have earned. It’s rare that you will find me out much on a Friday night, with the exception of a quick dinner and drink before I am home to just…. Unwind.

There are two schools of thought on the workweek:

SOT 1: That if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life. Late nights and early mornings aren’t a struggle. You don’t think twice about working late or working through a weekend. That the people who love and support you, and I mean REALLY love and support you and want what’s best for you, will always understand and even support your decisions in what you love. That those who are most successful or those who relentlessly and passionately “put in twice the effort” and that is why they receive twice the reward.

SOT 2: That work life balance exists and is worth fighting for. That your career is important, but your relationships are even more important. That you can’t get back memories you missed. That work and career is only one part of your life. That there is no pride in always working long hours, nights and weekends and missing out on the life that is happening around you.


My little motivating world has me leaning more towards School of Thought 1. Love what you do and don’t work a day in your life. That those with a passion for their career never stop. They are always grinding. It’s a sacrifice that is made for the dream. Everyone who is successful is doing it. Work life balance? *scoffs*! Who needs a break or to relax from something you love?

I DO!!!!!!! And I want to do it without questioning whether I really love what I’m doing. Or if I’m really doing what I’m suppose to be doing with my life. I want to do it without spending a weekend thinking I should be at my computer making headway on my growing to do list. Or that I’m not making the effort to match the success I’m envisioning having. I don’t want to feel guilty about abandoning my work for a home cooked meal from Grandma (okay, I rarely feel guilty about time spent with family). Or shopping racks at TJMaxx  just to waste time (because we all know it can take a long time to find quality stuff at TJMaxx) And even when the choice is not related to family, I don’t want to feel guilty about choosing to stay in bed, stare at the ceiling, take a hot bath, clean, or do anything that doesn’t involve staring a screen.

  • I believe in recharging, even when you love something.
  • I believe sometimes, I need to plan to do nothing.
  • I believe in exhaustion, even if it’s something you love. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  • I believe in vacation and sick days.
  • I believe in Monday mornings just as much as I do Friday nights.
  • I believe sometimes, you need to make sacrifices too. That not every situation should be ruled by either School of Thought on work. That just like many things in life, happiness can be found by achieving balance and equilibrium between the two.
  • I still believe that people who really support me, won’t care whether I choose to work or rest. As I do not care if the people who I really love or support work or rest.
  • I believe that success can come from working smarter, not harder.

I believe work life balance exists and it doesn’t make you any less passionate about your career success to want both.