Marketing Services

These are our most popular and requested MARKETING services. Our marketing strategies help improve your brand awareness, optimize for your business objectives and assure your marketing is purposeful and effective.


Campaign Planning

Creative Campaign Planning

Starting at $500

We refer to “campaigns” in the marketing world as these creative themes and groups of marketing tactics employed to meet specific brand objectives. You can create a campaign to increase newsletter sign-ups or have a campaign that specifically promotes your brand around a holiday. You may want to consider running a large giveaway or working with influencers around an idea or topic. Our campaign planning is custom scoped, but will provide your brand with the following:

  • Creative Idea

  • Strategic Tie-ins to Business Objective

  • Step-by-Step Approach

  • Campaign Timeline + Execution Calendar

Great For: More established brands who already have a great base-framework of ongoing marketing and promotion

Content Strategy-Thumb 2.png

Content Strategy

Content Strategy + 1mo Content Shoot

Starting at $1750

Content for the sake of content MAY work when you are just starting out, but as your brand evolves, content MUST be strategic - especially when you are investing in pushing out content and value to attract new customers. Our Content Strategy provides the following framework to allow your brand to post content with a purpose.

  • Goal Focuses: Build, Engage, Convert

  • Individual Platform Strategies

  • Overall Content Vibe

  • Short Form Content Angles

  • Long Form Content Angles

  • Content Guidelines + Posting Strategies

  • Hashtag Research and Guidelines

  • 13 pieces of original brand content*

Great For: Personal brands, Pre-established brands that want to '“level-up” their Social media content, Brands looking to work with multiple content resources (photographers, copywriters, etc.) , Local Businesses

*Applies to mailable CPG products. Destination shoots may require travel if outside a 100m radius of our offices.


Customized Marketing Services

So your brand is set. You've gained a foothold, have an understanding of your story, your mission and what your brand brings to the table... How do you get that word out there? What's your strategy? We provide a wide-range of strategic-based and tactical-based support for brands who need assistance with: 


  • Online / Offline Overall Marketing Strategy

  • Influencer Marketing (see Twinlab case study)

  • Retail Partnerships

  • Brand Collaborations

  • Budgeting for Marketing

  • Digital & Social Ad Campaigns

  • Online / Offline Demoing (see Chike Nutrition case study)


  • Planning & Oversight

  • Graphic Development

  • Photography / Photographer Guidance (see Salad Power case study)

  • Photo Editing

  • Video Scripting / Oversight

  • E-newsletters

  • Website

  • Blogging

  • Copywriting

  • Marketing Materials