WE TURN IDEAS INTO ENGAGING SOCIAL BRANDS! … What does that mean? How do you go from idea into an engaging social brand that is going to do WELL through today’s social media channels?




Starting at $5500

Over the course of our career, we have taken part and executed more than a dozen new brand launches and brand revamps. We know what it takes to take an idea into a full-fledge social brand. Over the course of approximately 4-6 months, we work to develop your brand, physical and digital assets and get you ready to start selling products or services to your key consumer! The Idea-to-Brand full package includes:

  • Core Brand Building

  • Website

    • Marketing Direction, Information Architecture, Scoping*, Copywriting, Imagery

  • Oversight of Creative Design*

    • Logo, Packaging, Business Cards, Presentation Templates, etc.

  • Launch Planning

    • Digital Marketing, Content Strategy, Tactics, Programming

  • Full Marketing Plan

    • Approach, Digital Marketing, Content Strategy, Tactics, Programming

  • Sales Deck

    • For vendors and retailers

  • Scoping for Marketing Execution^^

Great For: Very young start-up brands with a small audience or consumer base, brands that want a complete haul, new product launches for existing brands, entrepreneurs with IDEAS!

*We prefer to work with experienced specialist for the following: Website Tecnical Development [if outside of a WYSIWYG platform], Creative Designers that are industry specific for logos, packaging and branded design

^^ Blend Social Marketing is available for execution of certain services on an on-going basis. This will be scoped at the end of each successful brand launch, but the company is not committed to execution, only strategic planning.


Customizing Idea-to-Brand

If you would like only partial components of the Idea-to-Brand package or would like to explore additional needs, please feel free to schedule a quick consult for free custom scoping.