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Brand "Vibe" Story Board
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Brand Vibe Story Board


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You have the idea, but do you have the story? How should your brand talk about itself? What colors should your brands use? What is your brand’s mission and theming? Having cohesive and consistent messaging along with a solid brand “vibe” can help growing brands:

  • Have tighter communication through content

  • Open up possibilities for content iniativies

  • Bring consistency to the design creative assets like labels, logos, photography, website and social

  • Onboard new team members and vendors to align with the company’s vibe and mission

Great For: Personal Brands, Ideas that do not have brands, Brands looking to level up or put structure around their growing business


"social media, life + the in-between" goes podcast

In 2018 Blend Social Marketing OFFICIALLY turned 3 years old. She's growing up faster than we can keep up with! And that means that over the course of three years, Blend has changed. What started as a business name for us to take on some freelance consulting has transformed into our little hub of knowledge and outlet to create stuff and to share stuff that has personal and business-like impact. 

The podcast became the verbal musings of a social media marketer, default entrepreneur, sometimes freelancer, with your not-so-typical aspirations and dreams of just living a well-rounded, enjoyable and meaningful life. The podcast is about the "in-between" - not solely about life or strictly about building a career but dedicated to those who want both, who find the intersection of both and those who are all about balancing both. For collaborations and interviews, please contact us

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