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Plan. Build. Execute - it's what we do well.  If you'd like a more in-depth look at some of the projects we've executed with former agencies or with Blend clients, here's a look at the various projects, specialities and tactics we've had the opportunity to be a part of in our careers. 



Content Development

Lifestyle Casual Photo Shoots

Photo Editing

Video Direction/ Minor Video Editing

Graphic Style + Themed Content Development

Social Training Materials & Guides

Influencer Relations

Audience Targeting

Social Media Ads



Social Media Budget Development + Monitoring

Digital Marketing Copy Development

Social Media Content




Marketing Material Development



Focus Group Development (traditional + social)


Marketing Campaign Development

Booth Development

Project Management


Project + Team Management

Information Architecture – to enhance user experience of digital assets (ie website, e-newsletter, landing pages)

Blog Development


Custom Strategic Social Media Plans

Cross Platform Marketing Strategies

Influencer Programs

Retailer Relations

Integrated Creative Campaigns

Content Strategy

Data Collection & Analysis

Metrics, Analytics and KPIS

Re-leveraging of social data for business

Competitor Monitoring

Social Research for Brand Development

Consumer Profiling via social media research

General consulting on best practices

New Brand Launches

Opportunity Audits





building / integrating

Integrating social media strategy with business, sales, public relations and marketing objectives (ie. weaving social media objectives into sales demos)

Strategies for using Social Media as tools for business

Cross-product and Co-branding partnerships

Retailer + Manufacturer Partnerships via social channels

Social Media + Sales Promotions