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The clients we've worked with have loved us - and we loved them! We've been part of some amazing teams and had the opportunity to help grow these brands through their respective social and digital media channels. 


Chike Nutrition

Chike Nutrition is a Texas-based healthy lifestyle company that is passionate about creating great-tasting and convenient nutritional products to fit today's active, on-the-go lifestyle. Their hallmark products include a high-protein iced coffee drink and powdered peanut butter. 

Blend Social Marketing was brought on to help Chike Nutrition go through a complete "re-branding" as it shifted its focus to the Sports Nutrition markets. We developed a brand story and vibe along with communication and design guides to make Chike Nutrition a true lifestyle brand and take Chike Nutrition to the next level of social and digital marketing.  


Crispy Green

Crispy Green was founded in August 2004 with a vision to be the leading provider of high quality, natural food products desired by everyone who wants to live a healthy and better life. Currently, Crispy Green boasts 7 delicious flavors of freeze-dried fruit targeted at on-the-go healthy eaters. 

Stephanie served as both the Account Project Manager and Social Media Director for Crispy Green from 2011 through 2016. Through the five year tenure, she was a main driver in the formation of each yearly overall marketing plan, pulling together traditional PR, digital and social media tactics into one cohesive strategy. She was the pioneer of the "Fruit-to-Go" branding concept that helped propel Crispy Green to year-over-year growth.* 



SaladPower is a "veggies first" juice drink packed with vitamins and minerals but low in sugar. SaladPower was rated one of the top juice brands on as it tops its competitors in both price and value. 

SaladPower was a small team of two when we first met - but they are a force to be reckoned with. We developed a great partnership with these keen entrepreneurs and leverage our experience in the health and wellness industry to advise on marketing direction, planning and analysis. 

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Incramint was founded in 2018 by two entrepreneurs excited about entering the health and wellness product industry after a life-changing health journey of their own. Incramint current offers an MCT Oil Powder with hopes of expanding their line into a series of simplistic nutritional products designed to help busy professionals make lasting lifestyle changes.

INCRAMINT tasked our team with assisting with a full idea-to-brand strategy and over the course of 4-months we developed the entire brand story, vibe, market research, logos, messaging, website direction and complete marketing strategy to set the brand up for a successful launch.


Twinlab CleanSeries 

Twinlab launched their CleanSeries line of sports nutrition products in 2013. It was one of the first in the industry in which its contents and ingredients were "super-certified" and verified to contain no illegal substances. The line boasted a variety of whey and veggie proteins as well as a pre-workout free of all artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. 

Stephanie served as the Account Director for Twinlab CleanSeries through 2016. A strategic social media plan was put in place in partnership with key internal marketing personell at Twinlab.* 


Tag Aloha

Tag Aloha is a very niche accessory brand out of the beautiful state of Hawaii. After meeting the demand for cool, chic Hawaii-inspired bags for an interested WholeFoods buyer, the Tag Aloha and WholeFoods brand bags sales kept climbing and the company was ready to level-up their branding and offering.

Tag Aloha tasked our team with coming up with a central theme, brand vibe and story that could specifically assist them with strengthening their brand identity and content offering via Instagram as the main social media marketing channel. We completed a complete Brand Vibe Storyboard with a specific Instagram Look + Feel component to tighten up graphics and messaging as they continue to expand their product offering and collections.



PRIMAL HAIR is a US patented, drug-free botanical formula designed to restore hair health and vibrancy. Unlike treatments and creams, PRIMAL HAIR is designed to naturally re-invigorate hair from the inside out. 

PRIMAL HAIR tasked our team to take an idea and turn it into a strong brand in its industry. After diving into the brands competitors, we developed a brand vibe and communications plan to capitalize on PRIMAL HAIR's market advantages. Blend continues to manage and consult with the PRIMAL HAIR team.