projects + studies

We have worked together to achieve some great feats for our clients. From reaching over 7 million people through online sampling, to getting the attention of outlets like Huffington Post, we've capture our favorite accomplishments from the brands we've worked with. [Online Version of Case Studies Coming Soon!] 


Online Sampling + Influencer Relations

Using online consumer sampling method and influencer relations seeding methods helped spark organic user-generated content and brand buzz and generate over 7.7 MILLIONbrand impressions in 7 months for Chike Nutrition. 


Creative Campaigns: #FitGirlsDontWantChocolate

Flashback to 2015. Once considered experiential, we developed a killer Valentine's Day campaign that snagged the attention of social influencers and key print editors reaching 204,000 impressions in 2 weeks.


Social Media Imagery that Generates PR

What does your imagery say about your brand? We recap how SaladPower's content development strategy nabbed the attention of major PR outlets like Huffington Post - without a single email or cold call pitch to an editor.