about blend social marketing


As a fresh graduate, I was jaded about the opportunities that existed to me. I never saw myself as a business owner - or even capable of "building" anything. But what Blend and my first 6 years in the workplace taught me, those were the things I was most passionate about: planning, executing, measuring, creating and overall "building" components that help tell a brand's story. After spending 5 years with a Public Relations + Marketing firm, I set out on my own to further those things that made me most passionate and to challenge myself to take on more responsibility than I ever thought I could handle. 

With a loyal client base, Blend grew quickly in its first year - after only a few months our team had expanded to 2 people with complimentary skill sets working to progress our client's business goals. We've helped brands understand the power of concise messaging, marketing research and storytelling, and have helped devise ways to get the brand out to potential audiences.

Over time, Blend has matured. We now split our focus between helping clients and producing content, trainings and guides to accomodate a wider range of client needs and budgets. To keep things fun and refreshing, we often blog about everything from social media and marketing to self-reflection and behind-the-scenes of what it's like to be an entrepreneur. Or, if you like audio - we launched a podcast to celebrate our third birthday and to keep up to date on all the ways to help promote a brand and business (gotta walk the walk, right?)

Our team prides ourselves on being real and honest and making promises that we can keep. We bring eagerness and excitement to our work and are honored to look at ourselves as part of your team.